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August 21st, 2003

Sometimes moments in your life today trigger something to unlock a memory of your past and sometimes those memories are as clear as day, you remember all the details, like if you were re living it. It takes you back for a split second like if time stopped to replay that moment in your life just for you. I had a recent experience that reminded me of where I would be without God.

Looking through old pictures could do that to you, how time could change a young man who was addicted to meth, who felt like he did not want to live anymore, who knew what to do but for some reason he couldn’t build the courage to take that first initial step to a better life. Time, it was not the seconds, hours, or years that matured me or changed me, but it was time with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Growing up in church, a P.K. (pastor’s kid) I was raised to where I knew right from wrong, I knew that one day I was going to have to make a decision that could affect my future in a way that I couldn’t imagine. But for 4 years I listened to that small voice that told me I messed up to much, I couldn’t be forgiven, and it drove me to doing things that I never thought I would do. I could have blamed everyone else, or at least tried to, to justify the road I chose to walk down but something inside told me that He has not forgotten about me. No matter how far I tried to run, how low I felt I was, He reminded me that He will always love me.

There was days to where I felt as if He were there with me in my darkest hours, when the world tried to conceal His love for me, His love compelled me. He used a friend that did not go to church, my mentor Tony Ruiz. He told me that he seen better in me, that he did not want me to go down the road that he is on, he told me to be like my father. My father who is a pastor in the ministry of Victory Outreach was not only my father but is my best friend. He always told me of God’s love, wow how could I explain it, and this still chokes me up thinking of it. The closest way is how my father could look me in my eyes knowing I wasn’t where I should be and still tell me that he loves me and is proud of me. For a young man that means the world, especially when he is in his lowest times. I was 19 years old on a fine line of life and death, but my praying mom wouldn’t give up on her promise of her eldest son serving the Lord and a father who displayed the love of God it was the beginning of a miracle right before their eyes.

A few days later after expressing I was done with running my father called P. Tim Arguinzoni who suggested that I go to the Urban Training Center in the East Coast. That day August 21st, 2003 just a few short days after I arrived, I said a few words that changed my life forever. I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior and to come into my heart, I didn’t want to live the way I was living, and I wanted to change. It’s been almost 7 years from that date when I said that prayer and they have been the best years of my life, I am now a minister in the ministry of Victory Outreach preaching the same gospel that changed my life, I am happily married and I have a beautiful baby girl, I am a part of one of the largest inner city ministries in the world, Victory Outreach and all it took was surrendering my life to Jesus Christ. There has been both good times and trying times but one thing I do know is I am still standing and it is the best decision I have every made. If the world were in a courtroom and the concern was if Jesus is real – I am a witness, I must testify that HE IS REAL AND CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER like he did to mine.


April 3rd 2009 “The Bridge”

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banner “Church Growth” Just a few months ago during a meeting after V.E.T.I. Pastor Tony and I were talking about this exciting subject. He began to share his heart with me about what he wanted to do next as far as our building project and as well as the current growth where we are at now. (We have 5 acres to where we are planning to build a 1,000 seat auditorium on 83rd and Camelback) We began to plan what’s next and shoot ideas across the board then the words that changed my life were said by Pastor Tony “Triple Services.” I don’t know about    you but my heart practically jumped out of my chest when he said these words because he began to speak in the area of faith. Those 3 words have been replaying in my mind over and over again, every day… This is no joke, ask my wife… lol… But the thought of us growing our church to over 700 members really stirred something inside of me that day. So we put in action… Since that day we instituted some major factors that are helping us to grow.

vistors21) Strengthened our Core Ministries

2) Put emphasis on our Bible Studies and Life Groups

3) Developed a powerful ministry called “The Bridge”

4) Instituted “Field of Dreams”

These 4 components have shaped the following months that came after! The Bridge Ministry is a powerful ministry that really took shape after visiting our Mother Church there in Ontario. I went to a Sunday Service after speaking at an event the night before with Pastor Joe Burton, so we thought we would stop by and see what our Mother Church is doing as far as ministry goes. I am glad that we went that day because Pastor Joe introduced me to a ministry that they have called the Bridge. He did a quick overview of what they did and the success that they have there by keeping the visitors that attend there service by either bridging them into a ministry, cell group, and to build relationships with leaders. I then took this idea and the following Sunday we did this in our church. Since then which has been a little over a month now we have had 80 visitors come through our doors and 80 people that have been introduced to the Bridge. Before we would do the normal follow up during the week with a call, letter, and home visit; but this is different because its immediate and the people love it. Because of this I believe that we have added over 40 members in a matter of 4 weeks, Powerful! I believe this is a mega church idea and that’s where we are heading, but its going to not only take people coming through the doors of your church but bridging them into the kingdom. Thank you Mother Church for this God given idea, we truly are blessed.

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March 11th 2009 “G.A.N.G. Service in Phoenix”

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Braile and S-1Last Week we had an awesome time with Braile, he is a Christian Rap Artist from the Northwest. It was great to see a Christian who rep’d God and had the gift of music. His lyrics were powerful and his message was captivating, all of our youth here in Phoenix loved him. He is on tour right now and his goal is to put his CD in the hands of 30,000 young people, for FREE!!! What a testimony to seeing a young man place his opportunity to making finances for his own gain put that aside to seeing the gospel spread throughout every city he goes at his cost…(flyers, print, promotion, ect.) He is a true man of Faith and we pray that God will bless his ministry and continue to use him at this powerful capacity.

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